Friday, 19 November 2010

HorAce and Jemimina meet the Queen..

Not so very long ago in a land far fetched there lived a pair of tiny teeny hippopotameenie. Which all clever and right thinking people large and small know is the official word for more than one hippopotomouse. That's TERRUUE! We shall often call them micro hippos for

Horace and Jemimina find a home

It's Children in Need day today, so I'll be back later with a little story about Horace and Jemimina our imaginary micro hippos, just for fun. Do something silly for Pudsey right now and while you're giggling share your good fortune with those children in need around the UK and the world - hug your brood closer, embarrass them with too much cuddling and then donate some cash a quid will be great twenty quid would be better.

We are the lucky ones.