Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Cold feet, warm heart | excuses excuses excuses ...

I'm forgiving myself for not turning up at the blog often in the last few weeks. I have been writing, just not creatively and not specifically for Shoboome. This isn't meant to be an excuse, it's just how it is. So for now - please find a new shoe shot, by way of apology. These are my most loved shoes from United Nude. Bought for me by my beloved Podge when we were freezing in New York a few years ago. They go with nothing and I wear them with everything.

read on for some more writing prompts ...

Oh the weather outside is frightful
Lots of writers just sit down and get on with it, I am one of those procrastinating curs. Which is why I started this little blog in the first place - in an attempt to create a structure that would support me to write every day as well as sharing some of the process. True to form, I started off ok - but more recently I spend a lot of my time writing piffle elsewhere.

My current excuses revolve around how bloody cold I am, and how uninspiring I find the constant battle against holes in the roof of our crumbling Victorian terrace, ice on the inside of the hideous reworked bay window panes and freezing, I mean 'can't feel them mother' freezing, cold feet. The effort it takes to not be miserable about the endless coughing, sneezing and snotting up of hankies like a dying consumptive - uses up all my available push...

I am a whining, moaning, groaning, sniff monster.

but the fire is so delightful ...
So it's off to very good friend Kath's for supper and a much needed, reset tonight. Struggling is all very well for some creative types, it just doesn't work for me. I need a cuddle, a good talking too and some double glazing.

If you get stuck you could try some writing exercises or do what I do - just write about why your not writing. It might sound a bit daft but it's important to a) face into your block b) write and c) get over it! Lets all pull our Christmas stockings up shall we?

Five prompts for Christmas

  • 10 things to do with a paperclip | no stopping - GO!
  • Woke up this morning ... | finish this classic blues line and keep on going ...
  • What's the best dump line you've ever heard? (mine is: 'Bitter? I'm not bitter... THIS is bitter!' cue pint tiped over his head, and flouncy walk out. Oh yes I did!).
  • There's an alien in my loft - what am I going to do? 
  • I'm putting off writing because... (keep writing until you get to the real truth of the matter)