Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Shoe love - Winter Blues combatage

Latte & green 'gator Ted Baker platforms! on Twitpic

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  1. Bit of an experiment, not quite what I expected. I was thinking the shoes side of things has been a bit neglected - and it's so rainy and wintery here today I dug out a pic of my favourite green moc croc wedgies that I clomp about in for most of the summer and way into autumn too if the weather holds.

    They remind me of really hot sunny days and the sexiness of gorgeously tanned ankles.

    The dress is a retro printed chuck on - with ruching at the bodice, I heart ruching. It makes flat girls boobs look more interesting and for us curvy knockered lovelies it just sort of makes them look all foomphy and lush.

    Anyhoo. As experiments go - it wasn't a complete disaster, I was hoping that the picture would appear in the blogpost rather than as a link.

    So much to learn... post a pic of your favourite shoes in the comments if you know how and can be arsed.

    If you give me permission I'll put my favourite one up in the right nav bar. That's what we comms types call the block of stuff on the right there, although technically it's not a nav bar but that's a whole other life.