About shoboome ...

Some friends of mine, have embarked on a running programme designed to help them get off their bums and out onto the street to pound the pavements and park paths on their way to personal bests and self motivated glory. It's called Couch to 10 Kilometers or C210k for short.

I was struck by the idea and figured I could design my own version of the programme to get back into the swing of writing. So quick as you like, the Couch to 10,000 Words project hopped up onto the kitchen counter fully realised. C210000w for short.

It's super simple. There are no rules, no guidelines, and absolutely no written committments to make. (Although secretly I still beat myself up with mini undertakings on a daily basis, this will take some time to iron out).

Every day, I will do my best to turn up at a page, any page and write. It doesn't matter where, or for how long. I can arrive with an idea, a challenge, an exercise or no clue at all. I just need to turn up and have a go.

I have asked my friends to give me some writing prompts and they have gifted me some great ideas. There are pictures, mismatched objects, first sentences and memories all jotteddown on my running list. Anytime I have no inspiration, or I'm in the way of myself, I can grab something and go.

I might also set myself writing tasks, timed exercises - specific challenges if I feel like it. If I don't I can simply write what I am feeling, using the old Artist's Way technique of stream of conscious writing that can help push through the crap to the good stuff or not.

I thought I might blog about the process too, and put some of the exercises and story prompts up here. You never know there might be others who like the idea of C210000w and want to join in - when I get it figured out they'll be able to contribute their ideas too. There's plenty of writer groups and sites out there, but none that quite suit me. So I'll start my own revolution.

So here is my writing project. Every day I'll write and I'll publish it here along with other snippets, musings and tomfoolery often, but not exclusively, related to shoes and the wonder of their goodness. I think that sometimes my best bits are buried in a little facebook comment to a mate, or a particularly fine tweet. It'll all end up here - that's the plan...