Friday, 12 November 2010

more from margy and the cake shop

I've been struggling with a little story, and the idea for this blog was always to put it all down on show - mainly for my own discipline to put it down on the page - but perhaps too, out of vanity and the hope that by exposing the process it might throw up some insight into how I will gain some level of mastery. Here then is some more of hte story, in draft and unworked through - clunky bits 'n all. In this bit we meet Vlad, the vampire baker (not his real name but he hasn't told me what it is yet...).

Thursday, 11 November 2010

writing and the subtle art of cleaning house

I've been a bit stuck of late and I thought I might share some unsticklish, in case it helps someone else. Doesn't matter if you are a blogger, short story writer, poet or bid writer, everyone needs a little unsticklish now and again.