Thursday, 7 October 2010

Wednesday 6 October | Exercise 11 - Who am I?

 I like the idea of this exercise but it didn't work too well for me on this particular occasion. I will return to this one though. The idea is simple. You start the question and then keep writing to see who drops by to say hello - you can start with yourself, or write as a different character or someone you can see from your cozy writing spot. You can also try the question. Who are you?

Who am I? 

I'm an urban witch descended from a long line of witches on my father's side. I don't really do craft but I do have clear and frequent voices in my hea that give me insight into what people are really feeling or thinking and sometimes what they're intending before they intend it.

I am comfortable with the voices and I can usually distinguish one from another and from my own thoughts, although sometimes that is tricky. Alcohol doesn't make me better at it.

Who am I?

I'm a bored, out of work woman who spends her days trying to be useful, mostly this entails housework and doing some stuff for my partner when he asks.

I also do some writing. Not much and I worry that it's mostly crap. I want to be a writer. I'd like to have a part time job in an interesting role, something in the charity sector maybe. I'd like to write about real people, but when I do - they're boring. Like me.

Who am I?

I'm boring...

Who are you?

You are a heroine. My heroine and you will step out of the shadows and tell me your story and I'll write it down and together we'll have adventures and laughs and we'll be funny and good enough.

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