Monday, 11 October 2010

Monday 11 October | coming to an inbox near you ...

The best bit of today's writing so far - found in an email to a friend... the actual go at writing will follow shortly... but it's a bit on the dissappointing side, so have this for free xx (With apols to KP who on following the link will find her email repeated here - how annoying for you).
While I struggle to write something funny, you flick one off the wrist with effortless charm. I'm torn between grudging admiration and despondent self indulgent gloom. Today started well enough, but like most other dAys it's drifted into time wasting pointlessosity. 
I ought to finish my pathetic tax return. I should get around to signing on for working tax credits. As long as they define working pretty loosely, I should be ok. I am supposed to be dumbing down my C.V. For admin job credibility, but it,s a soul wrecking process. 

All the while I'm convincing myself I've got a credible plan. 

It's this...

Get admin job (preferably p/t).
Use other time to write debut book (not original idea, that boat has sailed or in fact was scuttled or is that scuppered in port).
Continue decorating house.
Keep putting out for better position. Not entirely sure what this would be.

Current fantasy job = book chooser (not sure how this works, but it involves me reading books all day then using my skill,  judgement & unfailing taste to choose a book, possibly on commission, possibly at random  for amazon or whsmiths or maybe as part of a hugely popular blog project called luliloves ... 

That last one is real. I have a new temporary blog which charts my attempt to go from couch to 10000 words. I blog & do writing exercises & post them intermittently here: shoes booze and me 

In the meantime I'm thinking of running a word press blog/site that captures most of the stuff I like. They say you should blog your job so maybe this will help! 

House is great. Major work in prog, but every week we make some. Last week we started laying a new floor in our room. 

Podgey picked up his telescope from Stone. (He's giving it to Greville on a long loan to see if he falls in love with star gazing. I know! He knows someone called Greville! Crazy right?)  
Last night we looked at Jupiter & 4 of it's moons. It was great & I thought tbh you can't be that skint if you get to see Jupiter close up in your back garden. 

I need a face lift. Failing that a really good facial. 

Inventory of a nearly 50 year old

# arthritis in three knuckles & right hip
# old lady knees
# memory failure at least once every day
# weird neck bobbles (may just be dirt)
# failing eyes, ears & teeth
# mislaid libido (I'm thinking I may have accidentally sent it to the charity shop with podgy's old teeshirts!) 
# disappointed parents, friends & lovers (not always in that order)

There's more but this too sounds like a lot of unnecessary whinging. Time to head back to podge & call back the chap from some recruitment agency that just left a message. He'll be calling to offer me that book choosey job no doubt!

Keep your chin up lovely. You're talented, stylish and hell funny. They wish they were as Sorted & sassy as you. (haha the spellcheck alternate worderator had that last sentence as "they wish they were as Sussex & sporty as you .... )

Luliloves you xxx

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