Thursday, 7 October 2010


I do have lots of suggestions for some exercises, and I will make a start on them as soon as I stop coughing and snirching with this cold which is surely past it's sell-by-date now? For now I am just trying to get some writing done each day, and read some other writers too, maybe to find some inspiration and comfort, definitely to remind myself that I'm in the game, I may not be the best, but I can hold my own on a good day, with a fast writing pen.

Yesterday I spent my writing time with observations of people going by and I did have the germ of an idea for something bigger. I've decided not to share that little nugget, I think I made the mistake of talking about my last idea for a book, so much - I ended up just enjoying the reveal of the synopsis and I became completely blocked even after doing quite a lot of research and structuring - when I came to actually write it I felt stymied. I won't rehash that plot again here - you never know it might resurface...

I've recently read a number of writers on the business of writing and they all have their advice and tricks. I've decided to keep a list of things I need to remember, I'll add to it as I pick up more advice.
  • You are a writer if you write. So write.
  •  Loose tongues cost lives. You'll kill your character and plot if you yap about them too much, too early. So don't.
  • You have every right to write. It doesn't matter if it's good, bad or really bloody awful. So write.
  • Mood is not required to write, your presence is. So write. (Nicked from Emma Newman, Bristol writer)

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