Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wednesday's shoe has far to go...

shh...Keep this under your hat. I'm fully intending to create a wordpress site just as soon as I can choose a skin and organise a host, and get off my arse and plan it up good. In the meantime I've returned to my old faithful companion,

Oh blogger {sighs} you are so easy and familiar, like the warm, strong arms of an old lover, I know I should move on, but it's late, I'm tired and here you are offering an uncomplicated fix. I probably won't even feel guilty in the morning...

My first ever blogger blog was way back in the early days with a daily 'dear diary' offering for my family and mates to check in on my doings around the globe. That's long lost now - if anyone knows how to retrieve an ancient blog from the internet's deep storage - I'd be grateful for your advice. It's of absolutely no interest to anyone but me - but there's history in those long lost posts.

I've a vague plan to use this little 'pop-up' blog to keep track of my renewed pledge to get on and write some stuff. Some story stuff. It'll be useful to have it all in one place - and out from my head, off the messy pages of my notebooks and into a more re-writeable format.

So there'll be no critical comments allowed from you, my imaginary readers, in the first few weeks, maybe longer - that will depend on how I go. When incubating a new project you need to protect it from the harsh light of criticsm. It's my blog I can bloody well do what I like. So there.

There will be some shoe related nonsense - after all what is life without wonderful shoes, it's a dull old business that's for sure. However this little blog is to nurture my little dream - to write some stories, maybe get good enough to push out a book or two and to practice writing in lots of different forms to get better at it - more worthy of an audience.

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