Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Short Excercise

 Waiting for iPodge in my favourite cafe, I started a little observation excercise - What if?... while watching a couple who clearly were not lovers or friends ... It doesn't go on for too long, but I will do more of these for fun and to work out the rubbishy cliche that always creeps in when you haven't been writing for a long time. It's like stretching before a race...

What if his photo was 10 years too late and he's banking on English politeness to get her through at least one date with him...

What if she's just happy to be out of the house away from her lonely day for an hour or so. She's dissappointed he's not the young, slim picture date but she'll take this grey haired tubby and a decent cup of coffee over instant alone - again.

What if he keeps leaning in and his proximity reminds her of an old love - he somehow smells the same, maybe it's his aftershave, maybe it's just man101 smell - Man Number 7...

What if the smell and the closeness of him makes her want him. Not him so much as a man, and he's offering - or he could be.

What if hes banking on it. He chooses online carefully, he knows exactly what to look for. Too thin, too self deprecating, no mention of kids or a current man. Lonely. He knew she'd be lonely.

What if she feels safer than she should because it's daytime, he's chubby and smiley and she is overwhelmed by the smell of him and she allows herself to flirt - tentative at first but he responds carefully. To build her confidence.

He fills the whole space with loud conversation, keeps talking, keeps flinging himself across the aquaintance line.

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  1. These are great babe. I really like the idea and the way it gives rise to mini-stories. Yay for you Kim xxx